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The Story

There's a sizzle in the Chippewa Valley over a new entity called Artisan Forge Studios. This sizzle is the product of a synergy being generated by area artists and craftsman. Artisan Forge Studios is providing the Chippewa Valley with work space, shop space, and office space to allow for collaboration.

This venture began in the mind of local artist Greg Johnson. Greg has an insatiable thirst for excellent beauty, timeless craftsmanship, and collaborative artistry. Armed with clear vision and support from our community, Greg began forging a plan for a place where all sorts of artists can be included.

We are excited to announce that currently, Artisan Forge Studios houses nearly 20 artisans and craftsmen! These individuals and business owners are inspiring our community through collaboration, education, and creativity. We encourage you to feel the synergy for yourself by attending a class or touring our facility during one of our upcoming markets.