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The Eau Claire Design Co.

What began at a vintage 1950ís kitchen table in a 900 square foot apartment in downtown Eau Claire has become a small hub for a different kind of Architectural design, graphic design, photography and music. A licensed Architect & Builder, Chad utilizes his 15 years of experience in Architectural design and construction as he collaborates with other artists, designers and craftsman to provide his clients with stunning and unique residential and commercial spaces. His wife, Keri, finds outlets for her creative energy in graphic design by developing logos, publications and branding elements. Every projectóbig and smallóthat is completed at ECDCo. has been reviewed, critiqued and approved by both Keri and Chad because objective creativity is always their goal. Whether an entire building, a logo, a photograph, or a song, ECDCo. believes that purposeful design provokes a meaningful experience. When you commission ECDCo. to complete your design project, the investment you make trickles into the community to positively impact people and build healthy spaces. The profit ECDCo. earns is used to sustain meaningful missions such as The Pen Project ( and Build Eau Claire, a local mission to improve and construct housing for people who are at-risk. Since 2013, over 30% of ECDCo.ís projects have been performed at no cost for organizations and individuals who share our vision for health and beauty in the Chippewa Valley.