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Fine Art by Matt Philleo

Since 1991, Matt has been doing custom portraits both live and from photos. He started dabbling with acrylic paint in high school and it soon became his medium of choice, although he still does drawings in pencil. Over the past 24 years, he has done hundreds of paintings and drawings on commission for clients as close as Eau Claire and as far away as Britain. Using a Renaissance glazing technique he learned from a UW-Green Bay art instructor, Matt paints with several translucent layers of color to build up a richness and depth that gives the surface a glowing, effervescent quality. While doing paintings and drawings for others, he thoroughly enjoys the process of collaborating with clients to find out what they want, and then create an original work of art just for them--that they and their loved ones will treasure for a lifetime. Matt is currently creating a series of original portraits to bring comfort, encouragement, and inspiration, especially to the discouraged and brokenhearted. He does this by taking spiritual truths he's discovered while seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ during his own life's struggles, and then capturing these ideas on canvas in a symbolic, passionate, and easy-to-understand way.