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Divine Light

Divine Light LLC was created to display and sell Tanya's "Portals of Light" art collection. After 17 years of working as an RN, Tanya has decided to take her healing abilities to another level. She began a spiritual journey of transformation back in 2012 and through use of meditation, began creating "portals" of healing love, light and energy through painting. This hobby and creative outlet has quickly expanded into something more, now ready to be shared with the world. Each piece is carefully hand drawn, painted and designed with a specific healing purpose. She works mainly with acrylic on canvas, but also contracts with local businesses creating wall murals, mandalas, and sacred geometry. In addition to art, she also offers Reiki and Energy healing (at an offsite location). Eventually she will also be offering classes as well as spiritual mentoring and advising. Her purpose and Divine mission is to assist in healing and raising the vibration of as many people as possible by sharing her love, creativity and visions with all.